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Dustball Rally is a traditionally-operated open-road rally, in which teams are required to locate and traverse a designated route with rally instructions. This most basic task of Dustball Rally requires you to "Find Your Road" on a daily basis, meaning full cooperative participation between driver and navigator. Dustball routes are designed to test the limits of your selected rally vehicle as well as the physical & mental limits of your team. This is the sanctuary that drives our passion.

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Dustball Rally Offroad

a little about Our History

Dustball Rally started in 2005 to honor an El Paso rally legend, Willie Williams. Other than running in the 1979 Cannonball Run, Willie was an SCCA rallymaster and competed in dozens of major rallies all over North America, including the ALCAN 5000. Originally inspired to be a single event to honor Willie's life, Dustballers pushed for the growth, expansion and evolution that Dustball experiences year after year. To date, Dustball has operated annually with every event being a success while maintaining a high retention rate. Being an event created by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts - Dustball started with a passion, not a business plan - and that passion is profound in all our events.

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DUSTBALL 1000: VEGAS - "Reinvented!"

Registration Now Open


Registration Now Open

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dustball grand tours

THIS, is the Dustball Grand Tour - Oregon Edition! Keep an eye out for the next one near you, or come explore some of the most beautiful parts of Oregon!

Dustball Rally
Dustball Rally

Explore some of the most beautiful roads in Oregon 

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The road ahead waits for your journey   
        . . . you just got to take the first step.

El Paso, Texas


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